Flowery Tea:

The fine tea leaf with a delicate flowery essence is been picked from the tea plant and undergo a process of HAND ROLLING and Oxidation. A perfect blend of light taste and flowery essence


Ginger Tea:

Taste the exciting flavour of Ginger blended with our Green Tea for a refreshing combination you're sure to enjoy.


Honey Tea:

Delicate Green Tea with the delicious blend of honey flavor.



Jasmine Tea:

Enjoy the delicious combination of our delicate Green Tea with the flavor of jasmine with a clean uplifting taste.


Lemon Tea:

Himlong Tea has combined tangy taste of lemon with our pure green tea to create an incredibly refreshing taste.


Needle Tea:

Made of fine tea leaves which includes a terminal bud and two young leaves are picked from Camellia sinensis bushes. A Delicate flavour with a liquortouch.


Oolong Tea:

The unique VINTAGE flavour popular Within CHINA. The flavour is balanced between the standards of green tea and black tea.


Royal Green:

A premium Green tea made only from the buds and the first leaf which serves to be a healthy drink made without fermentation which help to retain maximum antioxidants.


Royal Rich Lite:

Made from the royal tea leaves plucked from the first of april season from the world famous KANGRA valley. Rich in flavours and rolled into wrinkle stripes to provide an immense royal taste.


Treasure Tea:

Treasure Tea, the uniqueness of which lies in its flavour which treasures the taste within. Purely handmade and is oxidized under high humidity. Treasure the taste of Kangra!


Tulsi Tea:

Try this invigorating blend of Green Tea with the goodness of tulsi for a healthier sip.